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Hello! I’m Barb and I’d like to share recipes with you! I am part of the fifth generation of my family’s fruit and vegetable farm – Schramm Farms & Orchards. Growing up on the farm, I quickly developed an appreciation for what it takes to grow fruits and vegetables; and for food producers in general. I also recognized the benefits of fresh, locally-grown produce and realized there is no substitute for the quality. After graduating from Penn State with a degree in Agricultural Business; I worked in Pittsburgh for a few years but returned to the family business in 2012.

Small Schramm

I still live in Pittsburgh with my boyfriend fiancé, Greg, and make the thirty minute commute to the farm daily. For me, it’s the best of both worlds! My passion for cooking has come and gone throughout my life. Greg is mostly responsible for my renewed interest in cooking. When we first started dating we often ate together so I was always looking for dinner ideas. We share a love for food and both appreciate quality ingredients. He is my taste tester, my critic, sometimes my sous chef, and my biggest supporter.

Barb and Greg

The recipes you see here are inspired by my daily life – our homegrown produce, what I eat in restaurants, food I see on TV, cookbooks and blogs, and hearing about food experiences from friends. I think about food a lot! The recipes will generally be seasonally focused; using mostly what is available in our market at that time and will hopefully help you find more creative ways to use fruits and vegetables. I also plan to give you an inside look at how these fruits and vegetables are grown during our harvest season.

Tomato Fields

I plan to share all types of recipes here. My approach to staying healthy is moderation and variety; as well as cooking with whole foods and not processed ingredients. Given my family’s livelihood, I should probably be hocking fruits and vegetables nonstop. But I can’t do without cookies, pizza, french fries, waffles, and pasta in my life. And meat! I unapologetically love meat. To balance things out I try to pack as many vegetables as possible into our daily meals so when it comes time to indulge, I don’t feel guilty.

My favorites

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  1. Carl DiPietro

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your farm and the healthy fruits and vegetables that you and your family grow on the farm. People in Pittsburgh have a real gem in your farm and orchards. Fresh wholesome produce give my wife and I healthy options for breakfast lunch and dinner!

  2. Stacie

    As a long time fan of food and Schramm’s farm, I’m really excited about this blog. I can’t wait to try all of your great recipes and see photos from your fabulous dinner parties. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Becca

    I am also really excited about this blog! I am looking forward to trying out your delicious recipes and proving to my husband and friends that I can make more than tacos!


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